Future Relic 02


Far into the future, the second installment of Future Relic brings us into a subterranean workstation. Present in this station is the fossilized body of Dr. Mattias Rey, which stands inconsequentially against the wall. A single Operator (played by James Franco) is busy at work. He is tasked with the retrieval and destruction of fossilized objects from the Earth’s scorched surface. He suffers from severe “moon pull”. His banal, blue-collar routine of sorting and destroying is interrupted by an object that ignites his imagination: a fossilized photo camera. The discovery of the camera sparks a darkly comic waltz between the Operator and Dr. Rey, his solitary companion.Future Relic 02 premiered in 2014 on The NYTimes T Magazine.

Directed By: Daniel Arsham, Ben Louis Nicholas & Sam Stonefield
Produced By: Sam Stonefield
Starring: James Franco
Written By: Timothy Stanley
Cinematography & Editing By:: Ben Louis Nicholas
Executive Produced By: Jane Rosenthal

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