In the third installment of Future Relic, the moon has been excavated for thirty years now, and its specter lingers in the sky as dawn breaks. Lona Rey (played by Juliette Lewis) tries to orient herself in the lab where her father once worked. Inside the cavernous building she encounters animals who are able to speak. She arrives at the massive room, which houses the memorial statue of her father. She has come to pay her respects to her father’s monument. She tells him details of her life, and of the progress she’s made on fixing the problems her father inadvertently created. She looks up at the moon with tears in her eyes. She can see through it. Future Relic 03 premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in 2015, and via Nowness, with support from Harpers and The Tribeca Film Institute.

Directed By: Daniel Arsham
Produced By: Courtney Andrialis
Starring: Juliette Lewis, Aimee Laurence
Written By: Timothy Stanley
Cinematography & Editing By:: Ben Louis Nicholas
Executive Produced By: Jane Rosenthal
Music By: Alexis Georgopolous

VFX By: Whitney Theis