In the year 2045, two pilots (played by Ethan Suplee and Matthew Maher) commandeer an airplane and see tidal fluctuations and storm systems arise at an alarming rate. The climate is changing and in the fourth installment of Future Relic, we are taken on an immersive journey from the cockpit, as the pilots suddenly realize the human race is at risk of extinction. We come face-to-face with our future civilization before humans excavate the moon. Are we doomed to a melting icecap future where everybody drowns? Future Relic 04 premiered at Art Basel Miami 2015 and via Nowness, with support from Dazed Media, Edition Hotels and Absolut Elyx.

Director: Daniel Arsham
Producer: Courtney Andrialis

Starring: Arturo Castro, Ethan Suplee, Matthew Maher
Written By: Timothy Stanley & Amanda Johnson-Zetterstrom
Cinematography & Editing By: Ben Louis Nicholas
Executive Producer: Jane Rosenthal
Casting By: Stephen Vincent & Sig De Miguel 
Production Design By: Jimena Azula

Music By: Alexis Georgopolous
VFX By: Whitney Theis