Future Relic TRAILER


Future Relic is a science fiction feature film that imagines the world where tides have risen so high that cities are drowning, forcing the powers that be to take drastic measures to save mankind. Scientist Matthias Rey posits that excavating large sections from the surface of the moon will reverse tides, but has no idea what unforeseeable effects this will have on Earth. Dr. Rey disappears, leaving his daughter Lona to pick up the pieces.Future Relic, at its heart, is about the struggle to connect when we live in a world where nothing is like it was supposed to be. The feature will be completed in 2016.

Directed By: Daniel Arsham
Produced By: Courtney Andrialis
Starring: Juliette Lewis, James Franco, Mahershala Ali, Arturo Castro, Ethan Suplee, Matthew Maher, Ronald Guttman, Kevin Kilner and Aimee Laurence
Written By: Timothy Stanley & Amanda Johnson-Zetterstrom
Cinematography & Editing By:: Ben Louis Nicholas
Executive Produced By: Jane Rosenthal
Casting By: Stephen Vincent & Sig De Miguel

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